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Thursday, November 11, 2010

If you are worried about your Home Decoration and Interior Design then relax. Because we are giving you some very important and useful Home Decorating Ideas and Trends. Here are some Trends about Home Decorating . So read this article of Home Decorating and create a beautiful sweet home.

Home Decorating Ideas
Eco Trend of Home Decorating
Previously eco-friendly interiors was more functional than luxurious, however a new wave of eco-friendly designers have demonstrated that eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean boring. If you do choose to buy a few eco pieces for your bedroom continue it throughout with textured materials and fabrics; aim to bring the outdoors in. Use lightweight fabrics on your bed linen, curtains and cushions and natural materials for flooring such as environmentally friendly cork tiling or hardwood. For bedroom furniture use unique and unusual pieces made from natural materials; a leather bed frame can be a brilliant addition to any eco bedroom. To accessorize don’t be scared to experiment with unusual items such as contorted pieces of driftwood or shells, and layer up bed and chairs with heavy wool or cashmere blankets.

Home Decorating Ideas

Stylized Florals of Home Decorating
No longer the fashion for grannies living rooms, florals are making a big comeback. They can be quite intimidating so if you do not want to go the full hog invest in some blinds or cushions in an oversized floral fabric. Keep the walls white; however if you are feeling bold Laura Ashley and John Lewis do lovely floral wallpaper that when used sparingly can make a big impact in a dreary room. An alternative to this is to use contemporary artwork that reflects the feature fabrics; cheap canvas art can be found at Next and Ikea. Keep furniture modern and sharp, the contrast of old fashioned florals with the contemporary furniture prevents it from looking too fuddy-duddy.

Home Decorating Ideas

Glamor Boudoir of Home Decorating
If you are lucky enough to have an understanding partner, or live by yourself, then indulge your bedroom with a touch of old Hollywood. Sophisticated simplicity is what it is all about, colors to use include black and white with metallic sheens and accents. Metallic wallpaper is available on the market but choose wisely for your bedroom, if your bedroom is dark and small adding metallic accents such as silver lamps or French Renaissance style mirrors or accessories may be more suitable however you really really want a silver bedroom use the wallpaper to create a statement wall or to frame a hanging picture. The main focal point of your old Hollywood boudoir is your bed, if you have the room I would recommend a super king size bed and drape it in fabrics such as satin or velvet in purples and greys. A final touch is to use candles that will create a sexy glow and invest in some glass accessories such as indulgent chandelier style light fixtures and candle holders.

Home Decorating Ideas


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