Feng Shui Home Decorating Ideas

Monday, April 19, 2010

Feng Shui Home Decorating Ideas
Feng-Shui Decorating
Feng-Shui Decorating
Feng-Shui Decorating
Feng-Shui Decorating
Feng-Shui Decorating
Does the way your headboard faces make a difference? Can the position of your toilet cause financial ruin? It does according to the principles of Feng shui, and it is not the same for everyone. So whether you are an East person or a West person, let’s look at what directions will maximize your potential…and which ones to steer clear of!

Each direction corresponds to various attributes. Direction indicates which way you should, or shouldn’t face (or position your head when you sleep). North stimulates personal growth, imagination, music, art, and inspiration. South promotes opportunity, ambition, fame and potential. East corresponds to health, harmony, family, transformation and new life. West aligns itself with socializing, entertainment, children, and originality. And in between the main four are more divisions and symbols. Northeast stands for insight, wisdom, spiritual and intellectual growth. Northwest signifies skills, outside interests, and supporters. Southeast epitomizes affluence, abundance, and material possessions. And Southwest embodies love, relationships, marriage and romance.

Does this mean that if you want to find true love in your life that you automatically move your headboard to the Southwest? No! First you need to determine your Kua. Kua is a number based on your sex and your birth date, and is the controlling factor over which directions are positive for you. To determine your Kua number we use the Chinese lunar calendar. (For those born before the 10th of February you must go back a year i.e. if you were born on the 4th February, 1964 you would compute your Kua number using the year 1963.

First add the last two digits of the year you were born. For example, if your date of birth is 15 June 1962 (6+2=8)

*Note: If you add the two digits from the year of your birth and they are ten or greater, add those two digits together before proceeding any further.

If you are male take the single digit and subtract it from 10. So now we would take (10-8=2) and your Kua number is 2.

If you are female take the single digit and add 5. (8+5=13). Reduce that down to one digit (1+3=4). The Kua number is 4.

Now that you know your Kua, what does it all mean? Well as I said, directions do not bring the same success and prosperity to everyone. It all depends on your Kua. So let’s take a look at the different Kuas and determine which directions are ideal for you! And let me point out that if you have an entrance door to your home or office that faces your unluckiest directions…consider moving it. After all, destiny is powerful stuff!

Now if your Kua number is 1: You are an East person. For money and energy, southeast is your wealth direction and for overall luck, east is the way to go! If you want to find your soul mate for life, then south is the direction to put your head, but if your career is your life’s focus, then keep facing north! You want to avoid west for minor accidents, and northeast will bring people working against you into your life. Kitchens and toilets need to be placed in the northwest to escape financial ruin and southwest will bring you nothing but hardship!

If your Kua number is 2 then you are a West person. Northeast is the direction to tap into for prosperity, west will bring you luck, and northwest will bring you a long life. Now if you want to expand your personal development, southwest is your enhancement direction. If you are accident prone, then look out for the east, and keep those back stabbers at bay by avoiding the southeast. But to keep destruction and treachery out of your life, you need to either steer clear of both south and north, or put toilets here – to flush the negative energies away!

For those whose Kua number is 3, you will get your luck from the north and financial help from the south. You are East people and this direction will support your personal enrichment. Southeast is your direction for longevity. For those little bumps in the road, evade the southwest and don’t face the northwest if you want to keep those unlucky influences out of your life. For the worst influences of financial ruin and suffering, northeast and west are best avoided!

Definitely avoid facing west or northeast if your Kua number is 4. And to avoid those little inconveniences don’t sleep with your head pointing either northwest or southwest. You are an East person and to bring yourself luck as well as financial success, north and south are your key directions. For a long life east is the answer and if you’re a workaholic, face your desk toward the southeast.

If 5 is your Kua number, then you need to be aware that there are some variations in positive forces, based on whether you are male or female. In either case you are a West person, but that is where the similarity ends. For males the positive directions, in descending order of strength are northeast, west, northwest, and southwest. For females it would be southwest, northwest, west, and northeast. On the flip side, if you are male, east and southeast will be troublesome, while north and south should be circumvented in any way possible. For females, you will find irritation with north and south, and utter devastation with east and southeast.

If you are a West person with a Kua number of 6, then west and northeast are your answers to greatness and southwest and northwest will complement a long, full life nicely. You will find, however, that facing southeast or east will bring you irritation, while north and south will bring a never-ending cycle of misery.

If you are a West person with a Kua number of 7, northwest will help you bear the fruits of your labor, while southwest will shine some luck your way. To bring more love into your life, consider position your headboard to the northeast, and to enrich yourself, west is your answer. To avoid minor mishaps and bad luck, north and south are the ones to steer clear of. To keep financial ruin and ultimate betrayal out of your destiny- then it’s either toilets in, or avoidance of, the southeast and the east.

The Kua number 8 symbolizes again a West person. Riches are yours if you face yourself toward the southwest. Your second most powerful direction is northwest, followed by the west, and finally the northeast. Failure and destruction will befall you if you can’t avoid the east or southeast, while north and south will cause frustration.

Last, but not least, are those of you whose Kua number is 9. You East people find power and strength from the east and southeast, supplemented by the north and south. The northeast and west will bring trouble, while financial ruin will be brought by the southwest direction. For you northwest is not called the “death” direction for nothing, avoid it if at all possible!

Directions are potent forces according the principles of Feng Shui. They can bring wealth and influence, or devastation and failure. They can transport true love to your door, or the ultimate betrayal. We have looked at the directions and how they can complement different aspects of your life and maximize your potentials. With all this in mind, isn’t it time for a little rearranging? You just might reap some pretty amazing benefits!


Home Decoration with Dollar Store

Home Decoration Ideas
Home Decoration Ideas
Home Decoration Ideas
Home Decoration Ideas
Home Decoration Ideas
Home Decoration Ideas
Decorating does not have to be expensive. You can make simple and even modest surroundings more beautiful by accessorizing your home. You can accessorize your home inexpensively with items from one of the many dollar stores that have popped up all over the country. If done correctly, no one will ever guess that your beautiful and classy decorating items were purchased at dollar stores.

Here are a few of the many items you can find:

• Purchase hand towels for your kitchen and powder room at the dollar store. If they do not have towels that match your décor, check back every couple of weeks. Eventually they will a selection that you will like.

• candles of every shape and size are available at dollar stores. You can dress up plain candles with raffia or other embellishments, or by pressing a design into a pillar candle. Alternatively, if you have expensive candles that still look beautiful from the outside, but the wick is burned down, you can insert cheap votive candles to bring your original candle back to life. You will also find beautiful candle holders from time to time.

• Wall hangings are readily available at the dollar store. For the bathroom and kitchen, it makes sense to purchase pictures there because you will not feel bad about throwing them away and buying new pictures if they are damaged by moisture.

• Wallpaper border and wallpaper cutouts are also available at the dollar store. Check the dollar store before you visit an expensive wallpaper store. The designs may be limited, but with a little imagination, your rooms will be beautiful.

• Towel racks and hooks are available at the dollar store, as well as many other items to help you organize your home. An organized home is a well designed home, so be sure to check for organizational items on a regular basis. You will find under-the-bed shoe organizers as well as closet door organizers. Drawer shelf liners and contact paper found at the dollar store will also help you beautify your home.

• The dollar store has many decorative items for display as well. You can use these decorative items such as angel figurines to fill out an existing collection. By interspersing cheap items among expensive item, you will find that all of the items look expensive. Other inexpensive accessories for display are teacups and saucers, painted plates to hand on the wall, as well as items you can embellish yourself.

• Use the dollar store for all of your seasonal décor. They sell many items for every holiday for Halloween, to Christmas and Easter, to the fourth of July. If you shop early in the season, you will never have a reason to pay over a dollar for any item.

• You can also find items for the exterior of your home at the dollar store. From welcome mats to wreaths and garden décor, you can make the entry of your home as beautiful as the interior.

There is one caveat of shopping at the dollar store of which you must be aware. Occasionally there will be items selling for a dollar that you can buy somewhere else for less. Be aware of the regular prices of the items you buy.


Home Decoration Ideas for Girls Bedroom

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Girlas Bedroom Decoration
Girls Bedroom Decoration
Girls Bedroom Decoration
Girls Bedroom Decoration
Girls Bedroom Decoration
Girls Bedroom Decoration
Home decorating ideas for finding bedroom home decor for a teenagers bedroom. Ideas for choosing furnishings and accessories for a girls bedroom.
Two of my better furniture finds in bedroom decor for a girls bedroom

Keeping organized in a bedroom especially a teenagers bedroom is more than a full time job. I have 4 teenagers and it seems the girls are the worst. They never seem to throw anything away and their bedrooms are full of stuff that I don't even know what it is or what it's used for.

The solution to this I have found is two items that I found that they actually use. One is a blanket rack (which they thought was pretty cool) and the other is a corner book case. Let me just add here that I have tried showing them shelves and bookcases for their rooms in the past, but they would just look at them and I don't want shelves for the middle of my wall, it would just get in the way. I shoed them a corner book case that doesn't take up much room and would organize a corner that they just has clutter in. They ageed to this type of shelving and it seems to be working well and their bedrooms are somewhat tidier.

Which brings me back to buying bedroom decor for teenagers. I have found that it's very hard to choose a furniture piece for a older girls bedroom even if you have lived with them since birth. When they were young you could never go wrong with a Disney theme or princess bedroom set but I guess change was inevitable.

I suggest that you listen to their complaints of why their bedroom decor is not working and what they think would make it better.

For instance; my girls kept saying that they didn't like the looks of the room and if they had new furniture maybe they would keep it cleaner. After talking for awhile it was clear that it wasn't really the look of the room but that they had know way of organizing it the way they wanted. By me buying just any shelf unit which I thought good enough, was just adding to the problem. They needed to have something that was out of the way and still be functional. (Like I hadn't mentioned that to them a thousand times)

Other bedroom decorating ideas

For lighting I would always choose a modern style over traditional lamps. If the lamp as three directional bulbs, all the better. Most bedrooms have a ceiling light fixture, you can change this to a ceiling fan that has a light in it. Teens seem to like the airflow more than we do.

Bedding, bed skirts and pillows can be purchased a little easier. You just need to go with their favorite color, the hard part is finding a pattern that they like. Stay away from animal prints and wild geometric shapes, stripes are usually a pretty safe choice as are large squares. To find out more go to bedroom decor ideas. Girls also seem to be very fond of blanket throws. They use these on the bed and out in the family room when watching TV. They almost become a new security blanket like they had as a baby.

To make your bedroom floors more appealing a simple area rug is a good choice, especially if you have laminate or wood floors. Laminate floors in the bedroom also happen to be the best thing if your son or daughter has allergies. There is more information about laminate wood flooring for a bedroom here. This is also a great mother/daughter project to do. I did myself with only a few helpful tips from my husband. For a 10X12 bedroom is only took us 2 days to rip out the old carpet and install the laminate flooring. It turned out to be a lot of fun for both of us. Cost was fairly cheap at only $110.00 dollars.

Shelving should be modular and form part of the bedroom wall décor. This is also a safe purchase for a boys bedroom. Most fit CD’s and DVD’s and could be used to store their favorites. They can show off their more personal collectibles on these wall shelves.


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