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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Home Decoration Ideas
Home Decoration IdeasSave money decorating with a budget. A decorating budget can go a long way with these helpful home decorating tips. Learn how to decorate on a budget.
Do you feel like you can’t afford to decorate your home? Do you need a refresh on your existing décor, despite a lull in your finances? Home décor does not have to be expensive. And, creating a space that is reflective of your style is sometimes more of a psychological need than a want. If you need a home makeover, but want to stick to a budget, then consider these Top Six Tips on How to Save Money Decorating:

1. Pull from your Existing Resources - When decorating on a budget, first pull all existing pieces of home décor from the home and/or storage and put them in one central location. Then, begin to choose favorite pieces and place them in new areas throughout the home. Using existing pieces of décor in a new way can add a fresh look to your home, without a trip to the store. For example, the pillows that came with your couch may look better on the master bed. Try mixing up what you already have for a new, fresh look.

2. Keep it Simple - The motto "less is more" is true for home decorating. Multiple pieces of décor in a room will not make the room more appealing. Decorating with less will result in your home feeling more spacious and inviting. Do not clutter your home with things in an effort to decorate more. Save money by decorating with less.

3. Find a Favorite Piece from a Thrift Store or Garage Sale for your Room - Start decorating your home with a favorite piece; a picture, statue or vase, purchased second hand. Find something that you love and build your room around it, using existing décor to accentuate your new, but inexpensive addition to the room. Save money decorating by purchasing second hand.

4. Recycle - Thinking "outside the box" can help you save money while decorating. You may not need those sheets or table cloths anymore, but can you make them into curtains? Curtains do not have to come out of a package or be custom made. Get creative with what you no longer need and choose to use those items in alternate ways in your home.

5. Layer - Using existing pillows, rugs, curtains, and throws will layer your room and home, giving it a more dimensional feel. That handmade baby blanket can go a long way in dressing up the nursery. Draping a throw over a chair will add dimension and more appeal to a room. If you have a small decorating budget, consider buying some inexpensive pillows in your favorite color or pattern and add them to the couch and side chair. Don’t hide the rainy day throw in the closet. Instead, use it as a tool for home decorating to add color, texture, and dimension to your room.
Home Decoration Ideas
6. Don’t be Afraid - Take a chance with decorating your home. Quite often, the biggest obstacle to creating a space that you really love is your own inhibitions. Paint can always be repainted, items of décor can always be returned if unused, and you can put the furniture back to its original order if you do not like your new arrangement. Choose to be brave and experiment with home décor. Decorating is an art and your home is your canvas. Work with colors, textures and patterns that you like and take a chance with the extraordinary to create a space that is a true reflection of you. Creativity is a natural resource. Use your mind to save money.

You can maximize your decorating budget by being a bit creative with your current resources. Your home should be an extension of you. Matching your décor to your particular likes will help you create a space that reflects who you are. Decorating your space does not require breaking the budget. Follow these six tips and decorate your home while saving money, too.


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