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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Decorative Mirrors
Decorative Mirrors

Many homeowners wish they could update their home's interior. Unfortunately, a major remodeling job is often out of the question. Renovating can be costly. However, homeowners need not give up altogether on the idea of remodeling. Owners can choose to give their home's interior a facelift in lieu of a major renovation. Thousands of interior design ideas cost less than a thousand dollars. These seemingly small facelifts can actually go a long way in improving the look of a home's interior. One of these inexpensive interior design ideas involves decorating with mirrors.

Decorating with mirrors is a superb way to stretch a home's decorating
dollar. It may even do more than stretch. It may also pay back dollars if the homeowner is in the market to sell his home. A $999 or less interior design idea may be the difference between a low and a desirable offer. This is known in the industry as "dressing up" a home. Homes that previously languished for weeks or month on the market sold within days after being dressed up.
Interior Design : Decorative Mirror

Homeowner can try their hands at decorating with mirrors. Owners who don't consider themselves particularly creative will even find it easy. This is a great interior design idea for a number of reasons:

* Decorating with mirrors is fairly inexpensive. There's no need to hit designer stores. Any mirrors will do, even those from the local dollar store. A whole house can often be re-decorated with mirrors for under a thousand dollars.

* Decorating with mirrors can make a home's interior appear larger. This trick has long been used by professionals. Small homes can benefit greatly using this trick of the eye. Mirrors create the illusion of depth. Create perceived space by placing a large mirror or a row or mosaic of small mirrors on a wall. Place mirrors along opposing walls for even more depth.
Decorative Mirrors

*Decorating with mirrors improves interior lighting. A room that is painted in a dark color can seem smaller and even feel oppressive. Adding mirrors to one or more walls can offset the darkness and enhance the color of walls. The best way to improve a room's lighting without using more electricity is to place mirrors opposite windows. The mirrors will reflect natural sunlight streaming through the windows and brighten the whole room. Some homeowners even report a savings in energy costs by simply reflecting the free light from the sun.

Decorating with mirrors doesn't require the help of a professional. Anyone with a toolbox can hang mirrors and create a room that looks better while costing little. Just remember these tips when choosing and hanging mirrors:
Mirror Ideas

* Pick interesting shapes. Square is good, but unusually-shaped mirrors can add an extra element of interest to a room. Choose mirrors that are wavy, long and thin, diamond shaped or triangular. Instead of one or two large mirrors, create a mosaic of mirrors by using several smaller mirrors placed together.

* Look for different glass styles. Instead of a smooth mirror, hang a mirror with beveled edges. Another option is to use frosted mirrors. Hang a mix of framed and unframed mirrors.

* Use a laser level. It's difficult to hang mirrors perfectly straight using the naked eye. Laser levels are inexpensive and well worth the investment for the difference they'll make in your finished wall.

Few interior design ideas compare to decorating with mirrors. It's one of the simplest and most economical ways to improve a home's interior.
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